Abbey Timetable

Abbey Summer Timetable (with effect from start of British Summer Time)

6 am  Readings (not on Mondays);

7 am Lauds (at 8.30 on Mondays);

8.45 am Terce;

12 noon Eucharist, Tuesday - Saturday (no Eucharist on Mondays);
11 am on Sundays and Solemnities, ie major festivals:

2.15 pm None;

5.30 pm Vespers;

8.30 pm Compline (8 pm on Fridays)

Abbey Winter Timetable (with effect from end of British Summer Time) As above but Compline at 8 pm

The guest wing is closed to guests from Sunday pm to Monday pm but the Offices are still open to all.

NB There is no Eucharist on Mondays, and the time of Compline on Sunday may vary.