Blended by the monks and nuns at Mucknell Abbey.

“May my prayer rise before you like incense, O God” - Psalm 141

We are pleased to continue the production of incense from recipes generously given by the monks of Elmore Abbey.

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Buying 10 or more boxes of incense receives a 30% discount on cost.



Brand Quantity Required
All the smells of a monastery herbal garden
Approx. 450g
A rich, sweet aroma.
Approx. 450g
A delicate 'woody' fragrance
Approx. 450g
A mild herbal aroma
Approx. 450g
A hint of lemon zest!
Approx. 450g
Valle Crucis
Pure Frankincense (no added oils)
Approx. 450g

New Home Kit

We are now stocking incense Home Kits for you to enjoy our incense in your home. The pack includes 75g of Glastonbury incense, a small brass incense burner, and 10 charcoals. The price is £6.99. Please contact to order, or for more information. (nb at the present time the Home Kits are not sold through our online shop).

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