Here are some links that you might find helpful.

Church of England website:

We have found the pages at for daily prayer helpful (Daily Prayer provided by the official Church of England web site copyright  The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2002-2004).

Or make time for some online sacred space here

The British Methodist Church website:

Anglican Religious Communities:  and

New Monasticism : "This site has been created to promote networking and collaboration around the world and in the UK, for those who are seeking to build ecclesial communities out of contextual mission, utilising a new monastic model."

You may like to visit the websites of our brothers and sisters at  Whitby, Alton Abbey, and St Gregory's, Three Rivers, USA (Three Rivers has a number of interesting articles on Benedicinte life).

Diocese of Worcester:

RC English Benedictine Congregation:

The Wilderness Foundation's website has many features of environmental interest.

Our architects have a website at

And finally, Clare Bryden, who was an Alongsider with our Community wrote a blog about her experience with us and other reflections, click HERE